Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shower Curtain Ribbons & and a Goal to Do More DIY Things!!

 I feel a lot of DIYer's get a little overwhelmed by the growing amount of pictures and inspirational blogs. So overwhelmed, that they just give up on a project before they even start. I myself, must say I am guilty! The reasons are usually simple. Its too expensive. It takes up to much time. I'm just not that creative. Etc. My goal is to help woman (and men??) realize that all those pinterest projects are VERY possible.
I will be posting a lot of before an after projects of pinterest (and others) inspired projects. They won't be exact, and they wont be perfect. They will be a low budget version, and probably not as fancy. But by golly, it will be one thing. Completed!! :D

Lets start with my most recently completed project.


Completed Project!


Cost: $0 - because I used ribbon I already had (thanks Mom!)
                A bit of a shoulder ache, because I don't own a step stool.
What I learned: When tying the bows, I learned the over-then-thru technique made for a more wholesome bow, instead of the regular shoe tying style of under-then-thru.

I'm very pleased with the outcome! Love the different colors. I originally just used the different colors as a 'trial' because I didn't have enough ribbon of the color I wanted (the coral). Our new two bedroom apartment has two full bathrooms, so I applied this awesome feature to MY bathroom.

And now for the APOLOGY:

I seem to have accidentally deleted all the Picasa photos used I have used in the past, which has created a LOT of broken images in the history of the blog. I'm working on recovering them. Thanks!

Thanks for reading!



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